What most people don’t realize is that while treating acne on the skins surface does work, it’s really the last line of defense to getting rid of acne causing bacteria and oil. The stuff that causes acne originates inside our bodies due to unbalanced processes or poor eating habits.

While diet is a key factor in reducing acne breakouts and excess sebum on the skin, there are some causes of acne that are not diet related. How ever they can be improve by herbal acne treatments that are taken orally each day.

I’m going to share with you three reasons ingestible acne treatment products such as Acnezine are better at stopping breakouts then the average topical treatments most people use.

1) While some herbal acne treatments do have side effects, they do not cause skin irritations like some topical acne treatments do. Since their taken internally they don’t effect the surface of your skin by making your acne worse or causing a rash to break out.

2) It takes less time each day to pop a couple of orally taken herbal acne pills then it does to follow a three step acne treatment process twice a day. Most topical acne treatments are done in the morning and before bed, it’s not a lot of time but it can be 20-30 minutes each day.

3) You have a high chance of success by taking  oral acne treatments. Why? Because the processes that cause breakouts are more or less the same inside people, how ever different people have different skin types. Some have very sensitive skin and there fore cannot use just any regular acne treatment product, they need to ensure it’s safe for sensitive skin types.

I know some experts will argue with me that topical acne treatments are superior to herbal acne treatments, but even in the medical world acne is primarily treated with an orally taken medication. I suggest you read our review of Acnezine to learn more about how oral acne treatments effect your body, and how they can help you clear your acne.

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