While acne is usually considered to be a teenage problem, roughly fifty percent of adults also find themselves dealing with the bothersome skin condition.  Many choose to suffer in silence and embarrassment simply because they feel that they should have “grown out of it”.

The medical profession is not entirely sure what causes acne, or that there is even a reason which applies to all patients.  This makes it very hard to treat and so you will find a variety of “cures” for sale either over the counter or on prescription.  These treatments however often do not work for adult acne sufferers, since they are formulated for the particular kind of comedonal acne which the majority of teenagers suffer from.

In their place, the best acne cures for adults come from Mother Nature herself and, if you are able to address the cause of your acne, then you can significantly lower the number of breakouts and pimples you have. So, here are 5 secrets for treating your adult acne.

1. Reduce your stress levels!  Adults need to deal with stress on a day to day basis, whether it is at work, at home with the kids or from some other source and stress is generally thought to be one of the top contributors to stress in adults. If you are able to find some way to relax and eliminate the major stressors in your life you will almost certainly experience a lowering of the amount of acne breakouts that afflict you.

2. Make certain that you get sufficient sleep!  Many adults have busy lives and do not get enough sleep to recover from their active days. Try to ensure that you get at least seven or eight hours sleep each night and you should witness an improvement in your acne breakouts.

3. Drink plenty of water! If you are rushing around between work, school and home you could be getting dehydrated without even knowing it. Take a bottle of water with you and try make sure that you drink a minimum of ten glasses every day. Drinking water helps to flush the impurities which cause acne from your body.

4. Apply honey to a breakout!  Despite the fact that it might be a little messy, putting honey on your spots can help to dry them out faster. Wash it off in the morning when you wake up with a natural cleanser or with acne soap or perhaps a goat’s milk soap acne preparation.

5. Take care over your diet! Food is often a significant reason for adult acne problems. Meat has a thermal effect that can aggravate acne breakouts.  Chocolate can also be another big offender for some individuals. Finally, fried food may also cause an increase in the number and intensity of acne breakouts. Stay away from these foods therefore if you find that you have a lot of acne breakouts.

So what foods help cure acne? Eating more vegetables and fruits can help to reduce your number of acne breakouts and provide you with the vitamins that you may otherwise be missing out on.  A few adults also swear by the effects of a detoxifying cleanse to remove spots.

As you can see, none of these treatments is complicated and neither do they mean having to purchase expensive acne skin products. Not only is choosing a natural pimple treatment a good way to lessen your acne breakouts but it can help your budget as well!

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