{There’s no doubt that Accutane~Accutane} is {a~one of the most} {potentially dangerous~controversial} {ways to treat acne~treatments available for acne}. {The drug has~It is a very powerful drug with} a {lot~host} of {exceedingly~potentially very} {significant~serious} {possible complications~side effects}. I {found~came across} a {reasoned~good} {report on~overview of} the {pros and cons of Accutane~issue} {at~on the page}: Accutane – Gift or Curse?

{It’s easy for someone who hasn’t~People who have} never {experienced~lived with~suffered from} {deforming~severe} acne to {say you shouldn’t take a potentially dangerous drug for a skin condition~minimize the seriousness of the affliction}. {In their mind~To them}, {acne is no big deal~because it’s not life-threatening it isn’t serious}.

{People~However those of us} {dealing with~suffering from~with} {severe~difficult to control} acne {know very well~realize} just {how much acne can affect someone’s whole life~what an important issue it is}. The {emotional~psychological and social~psychological~psychological and emotional} {trauma~suffering} is real, as is the {pain and scarring~physical discomfort}.

{Naturally~Everyone agrees~Of course} Accutane {isn’t appropriate as~shouldn’t be} the {initial~first} {approach|treatment} {used~tried}. {Anyone would be~It’d be} {in better shape~much betteroff} if {safer~simpler and less risky} {approaches~treatment options~treatments} {did the trick~took care of the situation~worked}.

Accutane {helps~often cures~cures 85% of cases of~is indicated for} severe nodular acne that {no other treatment has helped~nothing else has worked for~does not respond to standard acne treatment}.  {This form of~Nodular} acne {causes~afflicts a person with~is characterized by} {painful nodules in the skin and subcutaneous tissue~many painful inflamed nodules and pustules}.  {It results in~It leads to~It is very likely to cause} {severe pain~a severe deformity of the skin~painful and embarrassing skin changes~pain and permanent scarring}.

{Even in these severe cases that nothing else has helped~A course of treatment with} Accutane helps 85% of {the time~people with this condition}. {Especially when you think~Considering} that {nothing else~no other treatment, including antibiotics,} worked {before~previously} {Accutane~this} {really~truly} {represents~can be} a {blessing~godsend}.

{How Dangerous Is Accutane?~What Are the Risks of Accutane?}

{Frequent~Common} {unwanted~side} effects include {dry skin and irritation~inflammation and drying of the skin and mucous membranes}. {For quite a few people~Sometimes} the {situation~acne} {may seem~actually seems} to {worsen at first~get worse before it gets better}. {Another frequent side effect is~Many people experience} {dryness of the mouth~a dry mouth}.

{Anyone taking Accutane needs to get blood work to check for~Other side effects include} {changes in the lipid profile, including the cholesterol level~elevation of the triglyceride levels as well as elevation of cholesterol levels}. {Accutane~The drug} {frequently affects~can also affect} liver function.

Most {people taking the drug~people} {find that they can live with~can live with] the {dry skin and dry mouth~skin and mucous membranes changes}, {especially if the dose of the drug is adjusted~although it may be advisable to adjust the dose}.

{Keeping a close eye on the blood work helps prevent serious problems on liver function and lipid levels~The effects on triglyceride levels and liver function can be mitigated by careful monitoring of blood tests throughout the treatment period}.

{Perhaps the most serious side effect~A very, very serious concern about most important} is the {frightening fact~fact} that {this drug~Accutane} {puts a pregnant woman at high risk for having a child born with~can cause} birth defects. {If a woman is even considering pregnancy, she should not take Accutane this drug~No woman who is pregnant, has a chance of becoming pregnant or is nursing should ever take [Accutane~the drug]}. This can’t be {too strongly~overstated enough}.

{There’s no denying~In summary}, Accutane {has it’s risks~is a potent drug with the potential for causing harm as well as helping}. {At the same time~However} {it may also be the only hope for someone suffering from~it is also extremely effective at treating} {The most severe forms of acne~the worst and most recalcitrant cases of acne}.  {If one is aware of the potential downsides~With proper monitoring}, {Accutane~it} can usually be {used~taken} with {little~a minimal} {danger~likelihood~risk} of serious {side effects~problems} {arising~coming up}.

{Of course anyone should try~It’s preferable is} less {dangerous~serious} treatments worked before resorting to Accutane. You can find out about a lot of other {options~treatments} at Best Acne Answers.

You may be {as interested as I was in~interested in} this review of a good acne treatment program.

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