Trying to navigate your way through the vast abundance of acne treatments in any drugstore can at best, be a bewildering experience. If you are suffering from acne, the last thing you need is to be presented with row upon row of various treatments, especially when you have no real inclination of which product to try.

Where do you even start? Do you choose one of the well known treatments which have been on the market for years or should you give in to temptation and try one of the latest miracle cures? No matter what your decision is, who could blame you?

Just as with so many other things in life, having a little reliable information can go a long way in helping you to achieve your goal. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is all too quick to go running for the nearest drugstore at the slightest hint of a problem.

The grim reality of the matter is, if an acne sufferer does not see immediate visible results, the latest cream or pills will simply join the rest of the collection which now lay abandoned, gathering dust in the back of a cupboard. Repeat this process a few times and you’ll soon see that this approach carries a high price.

Whether it’s you or someone else in the family battling with acne, the best advice anyone could give you, would be for you to see a dermatologist. This way you would have the advantage of actually educating yourself with regards to the problem, which in turn would allow you to better understand your options.

He or she would be thrilled to examine the patient and give you some guidelines before the skin condition gets worse.  Like any good doctor, they would rather be called upon to halt the disease in its early stages then later when the problem is severe.

While you are with the doctor, talk about over the counter acne treatments and what is the best choice for the acne sufferer in your life.  He or she will be able to guide you to narrow down the choices because you will have more information about the kind of acne your teenager is facing.

Furthermore, rather than any specific brand being effective, it’s the active ingredients in those brands which provide the cure, or at least an improvement. With this in mind, discuss the various active ingredients with your dermatologist as this will help you decide on a suitable product when you next visit the drugstore.

Of course you or your teenager will feel great when results are seen, but rather than place too much faith in the latest treatment, also highlight the fact that without a healthy lifestyle, no treatment will be 100% effective. Yes, you will need to stay active just as you will have to have a healthy diet, but if it means positive results, then surely it’s worth it.

When you notice visible results due to a change in your lifestyle, the fact that your acne is clearing up, will be just one of the many benefits with which you will be pleased.

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