Acne and pregnancy got linked with each other. Acne during pregnancy is quite common, whether pregnant woman previously had such problem or not. Acne during pregnancy is very common noticed particularly in first trimester during which, the levels of female hormones are increased. Progesterone is the hormone, which is more androgenic (male hormone-like) than estrogen and can give rise to the secretions of the skin glands to increase that in turn, ends up in occurring acne. After the first trimester, progesterone is formed by the placenta rather than the ovaries, so acne generally gets cleared up.

Disturbance in hormonal levels, stress, anxiety and several physical changes – all this gradually turns into the inflammation and skin eruptions in the form of acne. As luck would have it, acne tends to disappear as the pregnancy advances, and if the woman has had struggled with acne before her pregnancy, then her skin might look better in her 2nd and final as compared to before.

Two most essential factors that make acne more regnant during pregnancy are the hormone, progesterone and altered hydration. Oftentimes, acne is not managed from bursting, but the problem itself can be held to some extent. Simply as hormonal variations during puberty can end up in an occurrence of pimples, so too can pregnancy.

Some useful tips

Acne and pregnancy are to be tackled carefully. There are some steps that help to reduce acne during pregnancy without affecting the health of the fetus:

• Cleaning the skin and keep it oil free is the best way to avoid acne during pregnancy and for this, one can go for some oil absorbent microfiber cloths while cleansing the face to go deepen and absorb the oil from the face during mild cleansing.

• Pregnant lady should keep her hands away from the acne and should rub softly while washing. This keeps the potential for spreading of microorganisms responsible for the acne to other sites of her body.

• Regular exercises might improve the blood circulation flow and hence, can help the skin to get toned and become healthier.

Acne treatment during Pregnancy

There are many medications can be prescribed for the treatment of acne during pregnancy; some are for oral use others for local. Generally every medicine and therapy is contraindicated during the pregnancy and hence, acne and pregnancy is to be handled with care. While assessing the possible risks of the medications during pregnancy, the way medicine is given is important. Topical lotions and solutions are less systemically available as compared to the medicines taken orally, at last meaning that the unborn baby is exposed to less of the medicine.

Here are some of the possible acne treatments during pregnancy

• Retin-A is a cream that is applied onto the acne area to reduce inflammation and skin lesion. The ingredient is also called as Tretinoin.

• Application of Aloe pulp, holy basil, and carrot and beetroot juice is also considered to be safe during pregnancy to treat acne. Using an astringent which is non-medicated is advisable.

• Accutane is considered to be breakthrough for acne treatment. It is available in the form of pills or tablets and is said to be great medication that can be taken orally for treating the acne. The ingredient is also called as Isotretinoin.

• Tetracycline is an antibiotic that can be orally taken for treating acne. The medicine is also good for treating respiratory infections and acne. However, this drug is to be taken under strict medical supervision.

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