Acne is a common problem among teens; it is often inter-related with low self-esteem sometimes even resulting to inferiority complex. Acne is caused by excess sebum or oil which builds up on our pores along with dust and dirt. This then eventually swells forming a reddish mini-boil: this is what we call a pimple, acne or even blackheads.

Acne is unfortunately typical among all of us, its part of our growth. Everyone has undergone an acne problem, granted, some had it worse compared to others.

There are a variety of ways to treat acne, most of which require dermatologist treatment. However, seeing that having acne is a natural occurrence, it would still be preferable if it is treated the natural way. There are many acne home remedy treatment available that can cure acne naturally.

Tomato pulps are known to treat pimples and the scars that are left behind by it. Tomato has a natural acid known to combat bacteria; it is also a natural exfoliant. This is not recommended for those with sensitive skin though.

Orange peel is another alternative. All you have to do is mix the citrus skin with powdered milk and gently use it on the affected areas for a few minutes before rinsing.

Ginger is also a popular pimple sedative. You just have to rub it gently on the pimple and wait for it to subside after a few couple of days.

Salt and water is known to reduce pimple swelling while ultraviolet rays are known to dry it.

Before trying any of these natural pimple treatments, it´s best to check for possible allergic reactions by testing it on your palm first for the initial thirty minutes.

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