You thought you have outgrown acne, but even in adulthood, it is still a prevalent problem. You may be feeling vexed over having acne. There are many products such as medication, cream and lotion out there on the market and you have tried them all. There is a limit to how successful it can be. If you have horrible blemishes due to acne, why not consider having acne laser treatment.

Acne laser treatment is getting more and more popular over the last few years as a great way to treat blemishes. If you have not seen good results with other types of treatment, then you may be able to see some positive effects on this new procedure. There’s no harm in taking a closer look at laser treatment for acne scars.

What exactly is acne laser treatment?

Acne laser treatment is a process that is used to clear up existing acne, as well as the scars left behind by previous acne. Depending on the condition of your skin, there are a few different possible treatments. Get advice from your skin doctor on the different methods to solve your problems.

Acne laser treatments usually fall into one of three categories. They are non-ablative lasers, erbium lasers and carbon dioxide lasers. Using carbon dioxide is one of the best way for laser treatment. Basically, this involves peeling away the infected and blemished skin by using short pulses of light. Non-ablative and erbium lasers work a bit differently. They remove the blemishes and heal the scars under the skin.


It doesn’t take much time and pain for the entire procedure. You definitely do not need to stay in a hospital for this short outpatient surgery. Usually, you will feel fine after the short surgery. In fact, many people will schedule treatments during their lunch breaks. The key result people wish to have from this particular treatment is to have skin that is almost free from scars and blemishes.


There are certain drawbacks to this particular treatment for acne. Although one treatment may take only a short while, usually you will be required to have more treatments up to a few months. When your treatments are over, you may require quite a long time before you notice the transformation.

It may be quite expensive to go through a whole course of treatment and many people may be discouraged. You have to pay a few hundred dollars for each session, and usually many sessions are needed before results are seen. You will be unable to claim insurance on this treatment as it is seen as cosmetic surgery. This can definitely add up over a few months.

Your dermatologist will definitely be able to give you the best advice on whether you should go ahead with acne laser treatment to remove the acne scars on your face.



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