Have you ever tried to know how to treat your acne outbreaks? It is not as tough as you think to treat a remedy for your acne. The best way to treat the acne without any side effects is to find a natural way to treat it but one has to remember that a particular natural way works for particular type of acne outbreak.

All you need is just to have faith in yourself and a bit of patience. You need to go for experimentation to have a clear and healthy skin cum complexion. You should find out about some treatments for stubborn skin problems like acne that you can use at your house.

One type of acne natural cure that can treat blackheads is washing them off with milk and lime. For this, you should take some fresh milk and bring it gently to a boil. Afterwards, you need to add juice from a single lime and then gently wash our face. Before applying, make it sure that the water is not too hot that it can burn out your tender skin.

You can also go for using a natural astringent for deep cleansing of your pores that are blocked and creating trouble. One of the best way to get this done is to take a leafy mango from any local grocery stall and boil it in some water and allow it to cool down to the room temperature. When it is bearable, apply/rub it gently on the face. If your acne trouble is not so sever and intense, you can just leave the mango to soak overnight and the procedure is to be done on the next morning. This procedure is the best natural way that can thoroughly cleanse and open your blocked pores, which are one of the major causes for creating acne situations.

Food also plays an important role. The food we eat daily has an impact on our body one or the other way. Improper food, in long term, may affect the skin and can raise the acne situation. These foods also work externally as topical applications. For instance, if you are suffering from whiteheads, you should go to try a raw potato. The Vitamin C presented in the vegetable offers your skin a healthy glow and its alkaline protects your skin from microorganism and high acid level.

You might have noticed that you skin becomes dry after using too much face packs and other cosmetic materials that can again give rise to pimples or acne and to avoid this naturally, you can go for an application of almond oil and remember not to rub it vigorously on the face.

You can also use the paste of papaya after deseeding it and leave that for about 15-20 minutes. This can also be very helpful to get rid of acne condition. For better results, one should use the raw papaya and moreover, after an application, your skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

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