Although many people claim that acne is not a chronic condition, tissue scarring tends to convince us of the contrary. If the damage at the level of the skin is too extensive with lots of compromised cells, then acne scar removal will involve a rather complex surgical procedure. There are several criteria that make a specialist recommend one type of procedure or another: the patient’s medical history, the scar type, the severity of the problem, possible medication sensitivity and the preference for a certain treatment over another.

acne scars removal

Scars are separated into categories known as pit scars, ice picks and crater-like scars. The acne scar removal may therefore include procedures with temporary or permanent results. Sometimes For the healing of the acne-affected areas several medical stages are required. Fat transfer, collagen injections, chemical peeling, laser surgery, dermabrasion and punch grafts are but a few from the list of the interventions used for acne scar removal.

From the money perspective, laser therapy is by far the most expensive, since the more complex the procedure, the higher the price. If we count the cost of several sessions, then, the overall amount will be like a little fortune. It is good to check the health insurance policy and see whether the insurance company covers any of the surgery costs. Most of the time such surgery makes people take money out of their pocket, which is why the average user can seldom relish it.

acne scarring removal

Regardless of the type of procedure, acne scar removal represents a process that requires both patience and time. In most cases, the various therapeutic interventions are followed by temporary side effects that make the skin look even worse than before, with swollen red areas that are painful most of the time. This inconvenience is common to almost all the surgical treatments since they all have a basic element in common: the natural tissue generation, which can only be triggered by the infliction of small wounds.

acne scar removal

Moreover, the efficiency of the acne scar removal treatment depends on a range of subjective factors related to the individual specificity of each person. The recovery period after the intervention also depends on the individual healing speed that differs from one body to another, some people will have new tissues sooner while the process may take longer for others. And last but not least, while in some cases two or three surgical interventions may be necessary, in others one could be enough.

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