Acne is not a lot of fun, and no one wants to wake up in the morning to see that they have a brand new pimple to share with the world. Most are lucky, and they fly through adolescences with only minor problems, and those problems always clear up and are a thing of the past. Some are not so lucky though, and they end up with scars that go on with them into adulthood. These are never easy to live with, as we often think of our face as how we present ourselves to the world. When it becomes apparent that this is something that is not going to go away, acne scar removal is an option for some.

There are a few things to consider when thinking about acne scar removal however. It will not work for everyone, and it might not erase everything. Some can see a huge improvement though, and that is far better than doing nothing at all. How well a treatment for acne scar removal will work depends on quite few things. The extent of the scarring is a major factor, as are age and placement of each blemish on the skin. How well you heal and how well you handle medical treatments also come into play for some people.

If your doctor thinks you are a good candidate for acne scar removal, and you have been evaluated, there are a few things that they can do for you. Some like to use dermabrasion. This is a procedure that helps smooth out the top layer of skin. This can also be used to minimize some types of small wrinkles and other scars. It might not work for everything, but most see an improvement when they have this done. Chemical peels are another option. These completely remove the top layer of skin and a fresh layer regenerates, usually looking much better.

There are other methods for acne scar removal as well. Some doctors will recommend collagen or fat deposits to be inserted under the skin. These usually help puff out areas where scarring has pitted the skin. This can work well for some types of acne scars, but it is not always permanent. Both substances can eventually be adsorbed by the body, and this treatment for acne scar removal may have to be repeated once or twice a year in some people. Laser treatments can also work for less noticeable scars that have not penetrated down into the skin too far.

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