There are many types of skin problems that affect people around the world but the most common is acne and while it may seem to be a teenage condition, it would be a mistake to believe that adults cannot suffer with it as well. Although it is most common in teenagers it can still affect anyone and with almost nine out of every ten people having to deal with it at some point it is probably the prevalent condition on the planet. Acne skin care does not have to be hard if you have all the information.

Generally, acne is the result of excess oil or sebum in the hair follicles but this is not the only cause nor does it mean that over production of oil equals acne either. Acne seems to be a condition that is not necessarily a natural one and something that past generations did not suffer with.

Fortunately acne can be treated and one off the many causes of this condition is the hormone adjustments made when a person is growing up although it can also be as a result of makeup that has not been removed fully or pollution. Many other factors contribute to the formation of acne and some debate that diet impacts the formation of acne, caused by reprocessed foods, junk foods, and sugars this contemporary society eats every day.

More persistent cases of acne will probably need stronger medication which can be prescribed by a dermatologist. Having a dermatologist treat the condition is not such a bad idea as he or she will be able to better check on how well the treatment is he prescribed. The person suffering with acne must remember not to scratch at or attempt to remove and pimples as any bacteria carried beneath the nails could cause further infection.

This means that fingernails need to be kept clean and not dismissed because they look clean as almost all bacteria and germs are invisible to the naked human eye. This is why an acne sufferer should avoid any direct contact between their hand and the blemished area.

Unfortunately, acne does seem to have a hereditary link so if you mother and father had acne ten you will also probably suffer as well, bearing in mind that the number of individuals with perfect skin in the world is very low. The most likely scenario is that you will contact acne while you are young probably around puberty.

Nevertheless it is still best to contact a skin specialist before you start any type of medication. If you are unsure about you own situation then contact your local dermatologist of family physician as the information provided here is for guidance only and not a replacement for the opinion of a medical professional.

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