Trying to find a good acne treatment if you have severe acne can be a difficult search. Treatments are usually very harsh on the skin, or even toxic to your health. However, if you leave the acne untreated, you could end up with scars from acne.

One of the oldest acne treatments for severe acne is Accutane, or its generic counterparts, which is a derivative of Vitamin A. Accutane is extremely effective for getting control of severe acne, and can sometimes virtually bring an end to acne breakouts. The drawback is the toxicity of Accutane, which causes a long list of undesirable side effects.

Fundamentally Accutane induces youe oil glands to cease to function while the treatment period is active, which basically can last 4 to 5 months. Due to the fact that you aren’t secreting any types of oils, your skin turns very dry, where numerous users say feels similar to a sunburn. People who use the drug Accutane complain that nosebleefs are very common side effect, in addition to hair loss. It has also a tendency to make users feel very depressed. Although Accutane can get acne problems under control, the side effects make it an option that should be used sparingly.

Another treatment that is also highly effective is that of antibiotics. There are a variety of antibiotics used, but, like Accutane, some forms have some undesirable side effects. One of the oldest forms of antibiotics, Minocycline also has a reputation as being one of the most toxic. Physicians continue to prescribe it because a persons body is slow to acquire immunity to it, ye doctors are ever increasungly utilizing additional more gentle, antibiotics in spite of the propensity for people who use it to build up an immunity.

A more direct treatment for severe acne is an intra-lesional corticosteroid injection, administered directly into cystic nodules. This injection is much like anti inflammatory cortisone shots that are used to help with knee and back problems. Using this direct injection causes the cyst to begin healing within a week. The only possible side effect of this acne treatment is temporary discoloration, but it can only be used to treat existing nodules.

Lasers have also become a popular acne treatment recently. Not only can lasers treat acne, they can also remove acne scarring. Nevertheless, since these type of lasers are at present unregulated, anybody has the ability to buy and legally utilize these lasers. The danger is that an inexperienced practitioner may overexpose a patient to the laser, causing permanent damage. Basically there are two kinds of lasers, non-ablative and ablative. Ablative lasers are one of the most antiquated as well as being one of the strongest, and they primarily evaporate the skins ourer most layer, very similar to removing a tattoo. At the time when this outer layer of a persons skin grows back, acne scars as well as wrinkles are to a great degree reduced.

The extreme heat produced by ablative lasers cause your oil glands to shrink, which prevents breakouts. Due to the fact that your skin is burned off, treatment through the use of ablative lasers will have the effect of reddening your face as well as making it soe for several weeks on average. Non-ablative lasers are newer and gentler than older lasers. Non-ablative lasers also shrink the oil glands, but since they do not vaporize your skin, there is usually no soreness or visible side effects. Non-ablative lasers also promote collagen growth, so they also remove acne scarring. Since non-ablative laser are not as harsh, they will need more than just one treatment session, since an ablative laser treatment comprises of just one session.

Acne treatment methods have come a long way over the years. Modern technology offers several different ways to battle severe acne and sufferers enjoy a better quality of life. There are still many treatments, though, that require some consideration due to risks and side effects. Before you start on any acne treatment, it is best to talk to your dermatologist and have him tell you what the potential hazards of a treatment might be.

Can acne be more serious than simply a cosmetic issue?

Many people ask this question. Perhaps you are wondering if acne has ever gotten so bad for someone that it turned into something worse. The answer is “yes”. Though acne is a larger health issue for only some people, it is still worth noting the development of the skin irritation into something more troublesome.

In some cases, acne leads to the scarring of the skin or the outbreak of a serious infection. This form of acne is known as cystic acne. Much like its name applies, cystic acne results in a large bump or cyst. Once a cyst heals, it may leave an obvious scar. It should be noted, however, that cystic acne is rare. If you believe that your acne is turning into something more serious than the usual skin irritation, consult a doctor.         

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