Acne is a major cause of worry for a majority of people. Antibiotic therapy that was quite effective previously is not as effective now because of resistant bacteria. Lately an increase in the popularity of laser acne removal has been observed. This treatment has shown encouraging results in many patients. Lasers are highly concentrated beams of light, and are of great use in the medical science. The concentrated beams are focused on the area to be treated.

Working two ways.

A single beam of light has two effects on your skin. It has a dual action where acne is concerned. First it kills the bacteria that are responsible for the outbreaks of acne. Next it also causes the sebaceous glands to shrink. The sebaceous glands are oil glands, which secrete oil to nourish the skin. This oil blocks the hair follicles and causes acne. Shrinking the oil glands causes decreased sebum production and decrease in acne outbreaks.

The other way in which laser helps is it removes scars, discoloration and disfigurement caused by previous acne outbreaks from the face. Laser acne removal can permanently do away with the reminders of past acne outbreaks. It removes the scars from the skin and also stimulates the regeneration of collagen in the skin. Collagen fills up the scars and smoothens the skin permanently.

Laser acne removal also helps with the skin discoloration caused by previous breakouts of acne. A few sittings of laser acne outbreak fade the discoloration. The skin looks fresh, smooth and healthy with no effects of the past discolorations, which were left behind as reminders of acne outbreaks. Laser treatment can work for cystic acne as well.

Side effects

The side effects of laser acne treatment outbreaks are very less. A sitting takes very less time too. You can even manage one sitting between your lunch break and work! Except for short-lived redness and swelling in the part, which was treated. There are no significant side effects worth discussing. These effects too go away with time. Some individuals have felt a little burning or tingling sensation at the site where laser acne removal was done. This is temporary and gets better with time.

One another side effect is hyper pigmentation; this is a rare side effect and usually observed in people with dark skin tones, such as those of Latinos or African-Americans. Special skin treatment products especially the ones which protects from the harm of ultraviolet A & B rays are help full in such cases. Otherwise also it is preferred that people should use these products for general protection.

Finally laser acne removal is a very efficient and effective way to deal with acne troubles. Its dual efficiency helps not only to remove acne but also to remove the scars left by previous ones. Another important aspect is that laser acne removal causes the sebaceous glands to shrink contains future outbreaks.

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