I see already that this going to need two parts or more to write about. It has taken me some time now to consider writing this but I must. I discovered a few years ago that while taking the burdock root for my colon, I began to experience fewer outbreaks of acne. Let me explain.

I never read anything about anyone using burdock root to treat acne. In fact when it was suggested to me the only thing I remember reading about it was its origin, no recollection about the acne.

I knew what I had experienced, and thought to write on it but did a search first, and actually found two article sites, very little otherwise. They were mainly selling sites. I was the only science project on this that I knew about. Surely there are more.

So, anyway a few years ago I started using burdock root, in capsule form, 540mg/capsule, to help with my colon, per recommendation of my nutritionist and physical therapist, because of some serious digestive issues back in 2001-2004. It is a natural cleanser, a diuretic, so you can imagine why I was on it. It had to be necessary, because I am no pill taker.

In the process of using it I began noticing my acne condition was dimininshing. It was several weeks before it clicked, though. I was on this stuff for my stomach and colon, had no idea of all the other benefits associated with the burdock root. The only logical thing here is to restate what those benefits are, especially in regards to using burdock root to treat the acne condition.

Burdock Root History

When I was a kid I used to play near an old colonial graveyard where these types of plants, in the family of genus Arctium, grew. I used to get them in my hair and clothes, no fun. Never thought I would be drinking burdock root tea or taking it as a capsule, pretty weird.

Burdock root is used in food and beverages, and as a medicine. Most popular as a cuisine in Asia, the roots are mingled with other vegetables and sauces and happily eaten.

Burdock root has been known to be used for many centuries as a purifier to the bloodstream, cleaning out the toxins. It is leaned on as a diuretic as well. Tis true, again I am an experiment to this, it does do this. A natural purifier of the liver and kidneys also.

Burdock root has been used also as a skin remedy for acne, and rosacea. Its oil has been used in years past in treatment of the scalp, promoting healthy growth of hair and also supplying healthy aid to the sebaceous glands. This is where we come in as those suffering with the acne disease.

See Part 2 as this is getting lengthy.

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