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Sorry for the delay in finalizing this article. The Acne condition is a serious issue for many people, and for many reasons. How we look and feel about ourselves is so huge to our everyday success, at any level. My burdock root daily routine for acne treatment success is quite simple.

Burdock root can be taken in capsule, tea, or in food. Remember first, before using burdock root, either in tea form, or capsule, or in food, be sure to ask your doctor. Better yet, ask a nutritionist. Regular primary care phycisians can be skeptical of natural remedies of any kind. Just be aware of that. Acne treatment is generally administered externally in forms of acne creams, lotions, gels, and toners. Using burdock root is an internal form of treatment, at least the way I use it. There are some who do some things external but let’s keep it simple for now. My usual routine along with using the Proactiv solution is this:

Burdock Root Routine with Proactiv Solution:

1. Morning Proactiv: Wash face with soap(oil of olay) some soaps leave skin too dry. Dampen face and apply renewing cleanser to ace and neck. Rinse with about 7 washes of lukewarm water. Pad dry face with tablecloth. Apply revitalizing toner to cotton pad, then wipe face with pad. Let completely dry and apply repairing lotion to face.

2. Evening Proactiv: repeat as morning. In some cases I might substitute the repairing lotion for the daily oil control for overnight. 9 times out of 10, I had no overnight acne breakouts. But for maximum benefit, use the repairing lotion.

3. Evening: Take 1 burdock root capsule, 540mg, with meal or about an hour after. Vendor is Nature’s Way burdock root. Most health stores carry it.

My advice on using the burdock root capsule is to not use more than 2 per day, unless you have an iron gut. It will work the colon. feel free to visit the rest of our blog at

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