Acne is a skin condition that usually affects adolescents who are about to experience and currently experiencing puberty. This skin condition may also affect adults who are past the age of puberty. This is another skin condition entirely that has the symptoms of acne but the causes may be different.


What Causes It?


The main cause of acne is actually a bacterium that spreads in affected skin and makes healing difficult. The bacteria like to enter lesions and wounds which are abundant in acne prone teenagers. The skin blemishes are caused by hormonal changes due to puberty, ignorance of proper hygiene and the excessive sebum that is produced due changes in the body due to puberty. Many doctors say that hygiene has something to do with acne because pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are often caused by clogged pores which have been infected due to the dirt, grime and sebum which can not be released.




The manifestations of acne include pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and acne scars. Other symptoms of this skin condition are red, swollen skin as well as oily skin. This skin condition usually comes and goes but for many teenagers, the skin condition may occur for their entire teenage years. Acne flare ups can also be caused by stress, lack of sleep and a weakened immune system.


Managing It


The trick to acne is to manage and control it well. Since this skin condition is unavoidable for most teenagers (some breeze through puberty without a sign of this dreaded skin condition), it is best to know its causes in order to take charge of treatment. The application of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide in the form of cosmetic products, creams and sops usually work for mild acne. For severe acne, antibacterial medication may be necessary. Some doctors recommend medication to balance out the hormonal changes that girls, in particular, are going through.


Laser treatment is also effective in minimizing the appearance of scars after the skin blemishes have healed. Dermabrasion is also another option in clearing up scars due to acne. Some people also try not to touch their faces too much since hands can be full of bacteria and dirt which contribute to skin blemishes.


Patience is indeed a virtue for those who are in the throes of puberty and experiencing acne. Constantly picking on one’s face will heighten the problem and increase the risk of occurrences of skin blemishes.

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