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There have been many miraculous cases of people who have healed themselves by clinging to religion or positively thinking themselves out of a life-threatening ailment. Psychologists have been studying the idea of “mind over matter” for decades now, with little scientific proof as to the mechanics of miracles. The proof lies in the end result for these anomalies. In traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy and Buddhist religious principles are the groundwork for medical therapies. Obviously, if you’ve been in a car accident or are in need of emergency medical attention, it’s best to rush to the nearest emergency room; but if you are suffering from a painful long-term ailment or are just looking to improve your general well-being, then Chinese, natural medicines may be for you!

Natural Home Remedies

Many Americans don’t realize that traditional Chinese medicines date back nearly 5,000 years, passed down by oral tradition until about 3,000 years ago when people began writing down their findings in ancient texts like “Basic Questions of Internal Medicine” and “A Treatise On Cold Damage.Classic Chinese medicine was forbade in the 1930’s by the Nationalist government because it feared being left behind by scientific progress. However, thirty years later, Mao Zedong chose ten highly respected doctors to create a traditional but standardized practice called Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not only is TCM taught in all Chinese schools, but schools in England, Russia and the US are opening.

“Yin” and “Yang” , from the Taoist ideas, are one of the basic principles of TCM.” The term is used by the school of Chinese medicine to describe a series of opposites; for example, hot and cold, dark and light or moving and still. The body goes through constant motion, just like the seasons. If the cycle of equilibrium is disrupted and there’s an excess of something or deficiency of something, then the body naturally breaks down.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong studies the regulation of movement and breathing. This practice can be performed by anyone, but is most commonly associated with Martial Artists and Buddhists. Progress toward the ultimate goal of cultivating virtue and knowing oneself is achieved through deep relaxation, which acts as a cleansing agent to allow truth, light, joy and healing into the body. In the process, it is believed that one is tapping into a universal energy, according to the school of Chinese medicine. Even people who don’t get into the philosophical meanderings of TCM observe a noticeable calming effect and overall fitness improvement.

In addition to medical procedures like Chinese acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine covers things like herbal remedies. TCM practitioners say the answers are easier than one would think. You don’t need Lunesta to help you sleep. Instead, a chamomile tea and some light meditation just before bed will help you fall asleep right away and you will wake up feeling rejuvenated. Or instead of Tums for your bellyache, a mint leaf could do the trick.


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