People often joke about snoring and there are people who do not take it very seriously.

On the other hand snoring at night may possibly be a sign of a sleeping disorder, or other serious illnesses.  It can drive couples apart, as it creates tension in the bedroom when you are continually waking up your partner. 

You can now purchase a large selection of over the counter snoring cures, but before you head to the pharmacy learn how to control you snoring with a few lifestyle changes. Looking at your habits before bedtime can help you understand why you are snoring and teach you how to control snoring.  

Create A Healthy Lifestyle  

Learn how to control snoring by having a healthy lifestyle. Has your snoring increased lately due to an increase in your weight? Did you know that the two are related? Obesity and being overweight in general can contribute to snoring. An  excessive amount  of throat tissue or floppy throat tissue leads to snoring. One way to beat this is by increasing your exercise. Losing weight can assist in managing your snoring.  

Smoking is bad for you; learn how to control your snoring by trying to reduce or even quit your smoking habit. Smoking or even being exposed to second hand cigarette smoke, causes breathing problems. A lot of smokers experience lung and nasal congestion. This is further complicated by the fact that smoking relaxes the throat muscles, which can results in snoring. Giving up smoking will help control snoring as well as improve your overall health.  

Looking at things such as excessive alcohol will also show you how to control snoring. Before bedtime avoid alcohol. If you have to drink alcohol before you sleep limit yourself to one or two drinks at most. You will find that cutting down on alcohol helps to prevent snoring.  

If you have trouble getting to sleep and take sleeping pills then this could be another reason that you are snoring. Sleeping pills also sedate the muscles in the throat making them go lax and eventually you will start snoring. Changing sleeping positions can help you control your snoring. Lying on your back will encourage snoring while lying on your side will help prevent snoring.  

It can be difficult to sleep on your side if you have been sleeping on your back for a long time. One way to train yourself to sleep on your side is to place a tennis ball in a sock and pin it to the back of your pajamas. This way whenever you sleep on your back you will be prevented from doing so and slowly you will start sleeping on your side.

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