The word acne usually means the same thing to every one. Acne on the other hand has a lot of forms. While all acne has almost the same type of effect in every body, all acne is not the same. Where are many types of acne and it is important to understand the difference between the various types. This is because there is different treatment for different kinds of acne. This means that instead of buying and trying all the acne treatment products, it is better that one should know the type of acne one is suffering from and treat it with the specific treatment.

Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne troubles. Acne vulgaris is actually a mix of various types of acne or what is commonly known as pimples. It includes, popular, modules, cysts, black heads, white head and pustules. These are the comparatively nicer varieties of acne. The blocked pores cause white heads and the white thing that comes out when they are squeezed is the dead skin cells and oil. On the other hand blackheads are just the opposite, though they are also caused by blockage in the pores, they occur because the pores are partly blocked.

Severe acne.

Sufferers of severe acne or bad acne do not only have physical problems such as pain and tenderness, they also suffer psychological stress. Acne should not be taken lightly; it can cause long-term effects both physical and emotional. The most severe form of all kinds of acne is Acne conglobata. It is more common in males. This type of acne looks like large lesions. There are many such lesions on the face this acne infection continues to increase and may take years to clear up. These are present all aver the body such as chest, back, upper arms, thighs, buttocks and face. Acne conglobata is mostly effects males in the age group of eighteen to thirty.

The women are affected by a variety of acne, which is different from the variety affecting the men. This type of acne is called Pyoderma faciale. It affects females in the age group of twenty to forty i.e. after they have completed their teens. It has also affected women who had luckily survived any acne eruption during their teens. This kind of acne leaves large nodules, sores and pustules on the face. The best thing about Pyoderma faciale is that it clears up in about a year as opposed to acne conglobata, which takes years to clear. But the damage to the skin done within this year is long lasting.

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