Virtually 100 percent of folk between the ages of twelve and seventeen years of age, will get some type of acne ; whether it’s a light case or in a serious form. And this is without regard for race or ethnicity. Acne generally lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Acne is meant to affect men and girls similarly though research is inconclusive on this point. And, in a few cases acne can affect somebody as late as their thirties, beyond this age is rare, but there were some cases.

Acne also has some effect on the economy too. Yankees spend more than one hundred million bucks a year, on over the counter medicine. According to analyze those that get acne between the ages twelve and seventeen are going thru adolesence. This leads to factors such as hormonal changes. In a number of cases vitamins might be taken, but have not been found to reinforce healing of acne. In teen girls, it also appears acne happens during or simply before the menstrual cycle. In both cases hormones and an imbalance of hormones are related.

The query why folks get acne literally has no definitive answer. The best answer so far is a chemical or hormonal imbalance in both men and ladies.

Research has proven however that acne cases among ladies and the acne flare ups took place in the menstruation cycle and pregnancy. However, ladies appear to be better at dropped the acne than men. This is the result of ladies treating the acne ; compared to most male teenagers and men do no treat acne as regularly. Research has also shown that out of grown men and girls who have a difficulty with acne in their late twenties and early thirties ; out of these cases that were serious scarring was seen more with ladies than men. Even though it does not appear so because ladies wear make up any way and often times acne can be covered up, or seen less. Research continues on the skin disease acne.

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