Acne is a skin condition that commonly occurs when the individual hits puberty. Acne treatment for this skin condition may be varied depending on the intensity of the case. Acne is manifested when the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum thus resulting to greasy skin which will then catch more dirt and shed skin. The dirt and shed skin which accumulates in the pores will block these and result to inflamed pores

What Causes Acne?

This skin condition manifests itself when the sebaceous glands are blocked, resulting to inflammation of the skin. One contributing factor to the onslaught of acne is the genetic structure of the individual. Some people are genetically structured to be more prone to this skin condition compared to others. Individuals prone to the dreaded skin condition may also suffer from over productive glands or excessive shedding of skin which can block pores resulting to inflammation.  

Skin sensitivity can also contribute to outbreaks and blemishes which care associated with acne as well as the hormonal changes that may occur to individuals. These hormonal changes may be evident during puberty and before or during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Acne can also manifest when the individual is stressed or eating too much fatty or greasy food. Stress can result to lack of sleep which can contribute to skin conditions resulting to blemishes. The
food that we eat can also be a big factor to acne because the oils from them will be added to the sebum that our skin produces. Bacteria are also part of the reason why the skin may be inflamed.  

The best acne treatment can be hormonal pills or topical applications that will control the inflammation of the skin. The presence of the bacteria that is often the cause of recurring acne can also be eliminated by using topical antibiotics and other substances that can kill them. Practicing good hygiene is also another acne treatment that may work for those with not so severe cases of acne.

The best acne treatment is for mild to moderate cases of acne is usually the application of topical benzoyl peroxide combined with the ingestion or application of corresponding antibacterial solutions. For more severe cases, a combination of hormonal pills along with antibacterial which are prescribed by a doctor nay be necessary. All of these should be accompanied by the right hygiene procedure in cleaning the skin.  

Hygiene also plays a big role in controlling acne. Keeping the skin, especially the facial skin as well as the chest, neck and back parts is essential. This can reduce the occurrence of clogged pores and dirt in the skin which can contribute to the condition.

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