There are many herbal acne treatments available for those interested in natural acne treatments.Many people just prefer an all natural acne treatment as opposed to harsh topical acne products.  Acne is a painful and embarrassing skin condition that has many causes.  Some of the most common causes of acne include genetic predisposition to acne, hormonal changes, medical conditions, food sensitivities and allergies.

Herbal Acne Options for an All-Natural Acne Treatment

Tea Tree Oil for Acne – Tea tree oil is a good acne treatment, as tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.The Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, native to Australia, produces the tea tree oil. Don’t use undiluted tea tree oil on your skin, but instead mix it with water (5 parts tea tree oil to 95 parts water) to make a 5% solution, and then dab it on your acne blemishes using a clean cotton ball.  One benefit of tea tree oil is that it causes less irritation than benzoyl peroxide, although it is slightly less effective in curing acne.

Licorice Root for Acne – Licorice root is another great topical acne treatment.Apply the licorice root to your acne prone skin. Rinse it off after a few minutes.  The anti-inflammatory properties of licorice root make it a good choice for sensitive skin.

Strawberries for Acne – Strawberries are another surprising natural treatment for acne.  Gather strawberry leaves and wrap them in a clean cloth and use it as a poultice applied to acne prone skin.Another option is to cut the strawberries and apply them to your skin.Leave this on your skin for ten minutes, and then rinse.  You can also mix crushed berries with plan yogurt and apply as a mask.Leave the mask on your skin for about 15 minutes or so, and then rinse it off.  It is said that the leaves alter the PH balance of the skin.Salicylic acid is found in strawberry juice, which is also a common ingredient in many acne products.Eat strawberries as well – they help provide vitamins and antiodidants that are good for your skin.

Dandelion for Acne – Dandelion is well known as a detoxifying ingredient for the gallbladder, liver and digestive system.  Detoxifying is one natural acne remedy cure, because it flushes the build up of toxins from the body, which can clear the skin as a result.  You can search for many herbal teas on the market that have dandelion as an ingredient, or search for a recipe on-line to make your own dandelion tea.

Garlic for Acne – Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is often touted as a good cure for acne.  Take a few crushed garlic cloves and it with warm water.Apply to blemished using a clean cotton ball. Leave it on the skin for several minutes, then rinse.

As with most natural herbal acne remedies, taking these internally also has a benefit.   So, you can eat strawberries, drink dandelion tea, and eat garlic or take garlic pills as a supplement.  Healing acne from the inside out by following a good acne diet is a good natural acne treatment that works to complement topical acne treatments that are applied to the skin.

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