Take your pick, skin care products or homemade acne treatment? What’s your choice of treatment when pimples are a menace? Acne can be treated by using several methods. Of these, the most convenient is the purchase of over the counter products marketed as complete skin care solutions.

On the other hand, a homemade acne treatment takes more time to make and use since you have to prepare the ingredients and follow certain steps for the application. What about efficiency and safety?

Some skincare products aggravate acne

Included in common skincare products are an assortment of chemical substances, in addition to colorants and perfumes that are used mainly to give clear soft skin. The supposed active ingredients are formulated to ensure acne removal. 

In certain instances, some of the ingredients in skincare products were found to cause irritation and worsen acne instead of treating it. Hazarding yourself with such products is not advisable when you have the choice of using homemade treatments which can be assured of purity and efficacy. Compared to promises made by well-known skincare products, a homemade acne treatment is far better and would certainly yield more benefits.

There are certain skin care products out there that perform cleansing operations and such that do more to help clear the acne from your face. Check out this Clearpores review for details on a proven skin care product for acne.

Going natural is the way to prevent acne. Why trouble yourself with buying chamomile cream when you can use the plant as a facial cleanser two times a day? Another example is that of using the fresh lemon juice instead of lemon-extract cream, for treating spots or zits caused by acne.

Suggestions for homemade acne treatment solutions

What makes up any homemade acne treatment? It’s nothing but the easily available herbs, fruits and vegetables that are used mainly. The fresh juices from these natural products have calming and rejuvenating properties. They work also to immunize and detoxify the body against infections.

Check out this review of Acne No More for more information on a special holistic guide written by Mike Walden on homemade remedies to get rid of acne fast.

Aloe Vera and cucumber calm the redness and the irritations associated with acne, zinc oxide will disinfect and put a stop to the spreading of the zits, and this is just to give a few examples of what lies out there within one’s reach. The list of homemade acne treatment varieties is very large; all it takes is patience to investigate and a little effort to put the knowledge into practice.

Acne can also be treated by a green diet or a detox diet. This will cleanse the system inside out and moreover, those who have tried this method have experienced fantastic results. What are you waiting for?

For more information on a simple 3 day detox diet that helps get rid of acne fast, read this Acne Free in 3 Days review.

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