Every day a new ointment, cream, face wash or even pill in out in the market claiming to be “the” treatment for bad acne outbreaks. With the large number of sufferers of this problem, no wonder entrepreneurs find it a very profitable segment to cater to. They claim to have the secret formula from the amazons, which will instantly treat the acne. The truth is that these so-called revolutionary products are no different than the others. They just have marginal differences to make them unique enough to market.

Believing the advertisements, many people fall into the trap set up by the products. They keep on buying different products for acne treatment hoping that may be one of these will work and they will be free of their acne worries. This goes on for years before they realize the futility of this exercise and look for home remedies and homemade acne treatments for acne to help with their outbreaks and scars. Some home remedies can even be used for acne scar treatment.

Most used

People have used oatmeal for a long time. They claim its efficiency also. It seems cooked oatmeal is very effective when applied to the face and washed off after a quarter of an hour. Care should be taken to wash it off properly as any residue left may trigger more acne. The good thing about home remedies is that it is washed off soon, leaving no traces. Another positive aspect of home remedy is that it rarely as any side effect, therefore could be used without any major precaution..

Taking a bath in warm nettle and rosemary bath is also said to be a good home remedy for acne. So is rubbing garlic cloves on the acne many times during the day. Washing the face with avocado and water paste is also a useful home remedy. One other remedy that lots of people have voted for is applying lemon juice with cotton balls on your face after washing. But the best home remedy of acne is applying toothpaste (non gel) on the acne and leaving it on the face for the whole night. This one is supposed to be very effective in fast clearing up of acne.

Home remedy for acne, just like any other treatment, has different levels of performances in different people. What is extraordinarily effective on one person may not produce any result in another. So do not despair and try a few and you will get something that works for you.

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