Although there are a lot of safe and effective over-the-counter and prescription medications for the treatment of acne, getting rid ot acne does take time and so, while the medicine does its work, many people are anxious to cover up their acne as much as they can.

Having said this, it can be argued that since this is a common condition that affects about eighty-five percent of the population between the ages of about 12 and 24 you really shouldn’t worry about covering it up at all because almost all of us have to go through it. However, you try telling that to a youngster who is going out on that all important first date.

Women tend to suffer more because, like it or not, they are judged more on their looks. But, they also have a ready-made answer in the form of makeup.

Normal makeup can lead to difficulties and, while it will cover up your spots, it can also worsen the condition. The answer here therefore is to use makeup that is formulated for use with acne and that means makeup that is labeled as ‘non-comedogenic’. If that sounds like a strange term it is derived from the word ‘comedone’ which is the medical name for the blackheads and whiteheads produced by many mild forms of acne.

You should begin by looking for a concealer that can be dabbed onto your pimples with a disposable sponge. You have to be sparing in your use of concealer though and use only as much as you need and no more.

Following a concealer you need to move on to a foundation which is very good at blending the tones of your skin and again this has to be used sparingly but enough to give you an even color overall. You will find that foundation is not only excellent at covering your spots but, since it is not as reflective as your skin itself, it also softens shadows and reduced the contrast which is often produced by the bumps which occur with acne.

Finally, a light application of powder will also help to further blend color tones, reduce shadow and eliminate contrast.

But what about the men? Well, there are two approaches here. The first is to follow the women and use makeup and you will find that there is makeup available today that is specially formulated for use by men. If, however, you don not think that this is for you then a second approach is to purchase one of the range of treatments which contain acne covering compounds designed to help treat the condition and at the same time to hide its appearance.

Of course it would be nice if we had a proactive acne solution which could get rid of acne fast but for the moment this is a somewhat slow process and so, until we have some treatments and products that cure acne fast, finding effective ways to conceal the condition is going to be important to many sufferes for a while yet.

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