There are thousands of people who have acne. Acne cases include Adult Acne and teenager acne. While there are some who experience serious acne problems that recur from time to time, most cases involve only mild acne. Mild acne basically consists of lesions that are smaller than others, including whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules. These lesions usually appear near or at the very surface of the skin.

Compared to moderate and severe acne, mild acne requires less serious treatment, but it should be employed as soon as possible to prevent the acne’s worsening. Acne aggravation can be really troublesome. Home treatment is generally enough to cure mild acne, and this includes the following: the washing of the affected area or areas with lukewarm water and a hypo-allergenic soap two times a day in order to remove oil and dead skin cells, two of the common causes of acne; and the application of topical acne treatments, such as bactericidals, antibiotics, and/or retinoids over the affected area or areas.

Home treatment in general needs some time before results can be expected, which is true for adult acne cure and non adult acne treatments. The standard resolution period is four to eight weeks, but the treatment must be continued to prevent the formation of new lesions and the development of acne from mild to moderate or, worse, severe. Home treatment does not mean the exclusion of the help of a dermatologist. The importance of specialists should not be overlooked. Even in the treatment of mild acne, the help of a dermatologist can prove valuable. Dermatologists have the education and experience to evaluate the acne case at hand and prescribe the appropriate therapy for the patient. In some cases, therapy procedure works best. Your skin should be treated with utmost importance. Thus, acne treatment even mild cases should not be undertaken haphazardly.

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