Combating acne is one of the most annoying battles to go through.  Although almost everyone gets zits during their lives, this fact isn’t reason to just “accept” it and be comfortable with living with acne.

I used to have brutal acne.  I was someone who was considered to have “severe” acne.  I experience how devastating this can be to your self-esteem.  There were many days that I didn’t want to leave the house because I was so disgusted by the way my face looked.

I knew people were looking at me and thinking about the way my skin looked.  Of course, nobody came up to me and said it, but there was no question that people were starting at times.

As you can imagine, I didn’t even think about getting a girlfriend.  Sure, I liked girls, but I had zero confidence in myself and figured I was too ugly to be dating.

This skin condition took over so many aspects of my life.  It wasn’t just my skin that was struggling – I was in bad shape as a whole.  My lack of self-confidence affected my friendships, my lovelife and the way I carried myself.

Thankfully, I found the best acne treatment that has worked perfectly for me.  I’m able to live without acne nowadays.  I tried a lots of different treatments before I found something that worked.  My suggestion is to make sure you find a solution that treats all of the causes of acne.  Without this, you won’t get the results you want.

And please – don’t use prescription drugs.  Not only are they ineffective in most cases, but some of them have some nasty side effects.

The key is not to get discouraged and to do something about it!  Read some acne treatment reviews, grab the best acne treatment for you, and keep with it. 

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