Diminished self worth is not the only concern during an acne outbreak. A much important and usually not thought of is the problem of acne scarring. This aspect is usually not considered until it is too late. You must have noticed many people who have pits, scars and pockmarked faces. These are the haunting memoirs that the acne has left on the faces of these individuals. Though sometimes ghastly to look at, acne scarring does not happen to every body that suffers from acne. Acne is a normal thing, acne scarring is not, and you do not have to be scarred for experiencing a normal growing phase.

It is more severe on those faces, where the people find is difficult not to touch or pick the acne. Those people them have to spend their rest of the lives trying to hide the acne scars. But those people who do not mess with their acne including cystic acne and resolve not to pick or touch them thankfully have little or no scars. It is not necessary that people with acne outbreaks have acne scarring too. So to avoid acne scarring, you should be ready to do the right things and prevent a lifetime of embarrassment.

Try prevention where there is no cure.

To lead a normal blemish free life you should understand that rather them looking for cure later, try to prevent the mishap. You cannot help an acne outbreak but you can sure help acne scarring. Preventing acne scarring does not involve any one else, and it is very easy too. It is not difficult to do so. Acne scarring is the result of picking, popping or squeezing the pus out of the acne. This means touching, picking and squeezing the acne is not a good idea if you want to prevent scarring.

Acne should not be picked; rather it should be left to run its course. Consulting a doctor for medications to control the spread of acne is also suggested. This will dry up the acne and not leave any mark. Temporary mental relief causes permanent scars, which are difficult to hide. Those who do not understand, suffer. Those who do, live a blemish free life. Finally, the only fruitful method to keep scars at bay is not to pick them regardless of the body part (face, neck or back) they are present. Leave the acne alone and they will leave you alone.

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