You may have noticed that acne is becoming a huge problem in our current society, it is everywhere, and millions of people are affected by this condition. Around 80% of the population will suffer from this condition at one time or another in their lives. In many cases the condition is not severe and disappears in time but for some the acne persist and can often disfigure the affected person’s face.

Anyone suffering from the most severe forms of acne should immediately consider finding the right kind of acne medication. One of the possible way to choose amongst the huge variety of acne treatment is to consult your dermatologist on the various prescription medication available for acne. Prescription acne medications are specially made to suit the particular needs of each patient.

Acne: The Choices for Topical Medication

Amongst all the available acne medication on the market, many believe that topical prescriptions are the most effective to get rid of acne problems. In the majority of cases a simple application directly on the affected area can have a significant healing impact. This type of treatment can be of great help for people suffering from mild to extreme acne problems. Many studies show that the skin can start to heal within days of using this treatment.

These topically applied medications also have other uses and benefits. They can help moisturize and nourish the skin and stop the signs of premature aging. Constant exposure to the sun for instance causes premature wrinkles and acne treatments that contain retinoids will not only help cure acne, but also cause a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Oral Antibiotics and Acne

Of course topical acne treatments are not effective for everyone, in some cases where the acne is severe, the skin might not respond to certain topical medication after a certain point. In these cases there are other options available to help destroy the bacteria that are responsible for acne like antibiotics. Keep in mind that you should never take any antibiotics without a prescription. You should always seek you doctor’s advice before taking any antibiotics treatment as they can have some side effects.

These possibly violent side effects could even cause permanent damage to the body if taken recklessly. If you think that the medication you were prescribed is not working like it should, you should consider going back to see your dermatologist. Only such qualified professionals are fully aware of side effects and will prescribe the correct medications that are suited to a particular person.

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