Acne affects both men and women, though it tends to affect teenage boys more than girls. There are a number of issues associated with the development of acne, which include poor hygiene, changes in hormone levels, excessive secretion of sebum, and the kind of food eaten by the individual. An acne remedy can be derived from many different and even weird things. Some of the home remedies for acne can be outright painful to apply while others are grounded in common sense.

Herbal Medicine And Natural Acne Treatments

Herbal supplements are one of the first things that many look to for home remedies. The reason why herbs are usually considered a natural acne cure, is because herbs have long been used for centuries to cure and treat many different conditions in people. Some of the more common herbs for a home acne remedy are melaleuca (tea tree) oil and stinging nettle infusion. Tea tree oil is sometimes directly applied on the face as an acne natural cure. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that are helpful in getting rid of the bacteria that are involved in the spread of acne in the face.

Nettle tea is not usually applied to the skin, but is used to treat acne from the inside out. Many natural practitioners advise drinking at least four cups of nettle tea daily, not only as a home acne treatment, but also to improve other skin problems that could be affecting you. Other herbs, as illustrated by the many acne articles around, that may work as home remedies include the extract of calendua flowers, burdock leaf tea, rose water, the application of wet basil leaves and many others.

Other Types Of Acne Home Cures

Other acne home remedies that are written about – but may or may not have merit – are toothpaste applied to pimples before going to bed, washing your face with vinegar, applying a solution of water and lemon juice, and many others. Bear in mind that some home acne remedies may not be as effective as others believe they are.

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