Acne can be prevented or at the very least, reduced by minimizing the intake of daily sucrose, or sugar as it is more commonly known. Sugar is known to be unhealthy not only for those who wish to stay fit but also to those who do not want to aggravate their pimple problem.

Did you know that one of the substances that can boost ageing and acne is sugar? Yes, you heard me right. Excess sugar speeds up the ageing process of our body.

Unfortunately many people are not aware of it. If you have overloaded sugar content in your bloodstream, they will infuse the bloodstream and impair the protein molecules by simply sticking to it. Along the process, the collagen in the skin will be damaged as well. And this is when skin starts to be prone to pimple.

Instead of consenting to sugar-highs, opt for meals with lots of good essential fats instead of bad fatty acids. Essential fats will keep your cardiovascular in good condition and will protect your cells from cancer. These are commonly found in tuna, salmons and sardines. Reduce your consumption of soda and soft drinks as they contain a high amount of sugar content.

Keep your heart healthy by keeping you skin glowing, sounds like a fair trade to give up sugar right?

If you´re still not convinced, then try to reduce the consumption by starting on lessening the sugar you drop on lets say, your cup of coffee or tea or juice. Decrease this every week and before you knew it, you´d be kicking out sugar in your diet.

Consuming too much sugar not only causes acne problems, but also weight issues as well as a host of other medical problems such as diabetes.

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