It seems that making the right choice of acne treatment is as difficult as trying to get rid of the acne itself. Sometimes you have to swim through hundreds of products before you can get the right one.

There are a lot more people today prefer to go with herbal treatment rather than using prescription drugs. Acne treatment is no exception, in recent years herbal treatment products appeared ont he market like mushrooms.

Why do more people are turning away from prescription drugs?

Antibiotics is the most commonly used drug in pharmaceutical treatment for acne. In fact many of the prescription drugs for acne are using antibiotics.

The downside of antibiotics treatment is that if the person develop a high level of tolerances then it makes the treatment becomes less effective. Another disadvantage of antibiotics is that you have to go through trial and error until you find the right products that suits you.

Herbal treatment for acne are known to have less side effect if any, compared to pharmaceutical treatments.

There is a controversial drug which is popularly used known as Accutane. It is a vitamin A based drug and it is very strong.

Accutane acts as an anti clog agent. This drug will close the body pores, therefore it will prevent clogging from happening.

Despite of its effectiveness, Accutane on the other hand has some very serious side effects. It could cause liver damage and major birth defects. Patients who are on Accutane are required to take blood test on a weekly basis.

There could be a very serious risk involved when using this drug. For example there are cases of mental instability and even suicides.

Why is acne herbal treatment become so popular?

Nonetheless not all of the herbal treatment are without side effects and also not all of them are 100% effective. But the overall score is that people are more comfortable with natural treatment because it is herbal base.

Herbal treatment has been practiced for thousands of years. People also tend to believe that herbal treatment is safer compared to prescription drug. Since it is plant base treatment most people are ready to accept it.

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