Controlling and ridding yourself of breakouts or your acne problem can be really easy. It could actually be accomplished in several simple steps.

Step one: Don´t touch it.

So do not rub, press or squeeze their pimples because doing this will only induce the spreading of the germs on the face.

Step two: Don´t rest your chin on your hands.

Don´t be so self conscious that you won´t keep those dirty hands off your face. This can traumatize the already affected areas.

Step three: Diet watch

Do not overeat fatty foods or dairy as it has known ingredients which aggravate testosterone, the hormone which puts breakouts on hyper drive.

Step four: Ban oily products

It´s not only exclusive to food. Girls should also watch out for their hair product, this is actually a common pimple culprit.

Step five: Home acne cure

Lemon juice is a good washing agent for treating pimples. You can also make use of tea tree oil to eradicate zits.

Step six: Regular facial wash

Use glycerine, or any mild soap for your face. Do not use products that have very strong ingredients because they may cause irritation to your skin. Be sure that the facial wash you are using is suitable for your skin type.

Step seven: Hydrate yourself

Our oil glands become active when we have dry skin. It is a way of the body in providing moisture to the skin. Providing your body with enough water is the best way to calm your oil glands. This way you lessen the prone of oil gland infection which is other known as pimples.

Step eight: Don´t use hot water

Hot water can damage the cells and create abnormal large opening of the skin pore. When your skin pore is open you give way to microorganisms like bacteria and germs to enter and infect your skin. This can not only produce pimple but other skin problems as well.

Step nine: Check your hair

Make sure that it does not cover your face all day long. Our hair is like a filter of dust and germs in the air. So if you always let your hair touch your face, chances are you will get infected oil glands that may lead to horrible acne problems.

Step ten: Consult a dermatologist

If your condition is worse than normal, best you consult a professional over it. They will be able to identify the real problem and give you appropriates solution for your acne trouble.

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