Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by many people today especially teenagers due to their hormonal changes. The most common cause for most adults however is due to their lifestyle and diet.

Who knew you can eat your way to a healthier skin? There are a variety of recipes meant to combat breakouts.

First is the Clay wonder therapy: Simply prepare a mixture of Aslavital Clay and tap water, don´t opt for mineral or spring water. Mix in such a way that it will be rather thick, fit enough to act like a mask.

The end product, the paste should be applied on the face and forehead, avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. Let the mask sink for 20 minutes. Afterwards peel off dried clay with warm water.

For starters, this therapy should be religiously followed for seven days in consecutive sequences. After the first week, you can reduce the application to twice per seven days until results become very visible.

In cases of pimples discharging pus, apply little treatment directly on the pimples for two hours before you exchange them. In a span of 24 hours, you can apply 3 or 4 cataplasm in consecutive orders. Apply the latest Clay cataplasms in the evening and let it rest until sun light.

This is a sure and pleasant way to fighting pimples. It is just like going to a face salon with the therapeutic bonus the recipe entails for those who wants to try it out.

Our skin reflects many things about a person. It can be your lifestyle, your psychological condition. It is one of our best assets. Give your best in following the Clay wonder therapy daily in order to get a clearer skin in no time.

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