Free acne advice is easy to come by, but you should not believe everything you hear or read about an acne product.  No matter what any website or product says, nearly everyone has an occasional acne breakout, even people in their 30’s and 40’s.  Much of this “free acne advice” is simply a tool to sell you something, so you should take everything with a grain of salt.

Almost nothing is free, but there is one free acne treatment available.  This is not an acne cure, but it helps to reduce acne, as well as help make your skin much healthier, if used in moderation.  This acne treatment is natural sunlight, which stimulates your skin and helps your body produce vitamin D.  In addition to regulating calcium and phosphorous levels in the blood stream, vitamin D is also believed to strengthen the immune system and regulate cell growth, both of which are crucial for helping your body fight and resist acne naturally. 

Although some people have deficiencies that require vitamin D supplements, most people can get enough vitamin D from sunlight and their diet.  However, groups of people who may not get enough sun exposure include people who are homebound, have an occupation that keeps them indoors, people living close to the poles, women required to wear robes and head coverings, or people who simply spend too much time watching TV or at a computer.  These activities or lifestyles can increase the severity and intensity of your acne. 

Many myths surround acne, and one of the most common myths of free acne advice tips warn against exercise or sweat. Research shows that excess exercise will neither cure nor cause acne outbreaks. The link points to types of clothing and athletic equipment that are more likely to cause acne breakouts. Physical activity won’t.

For example, it is not abnormal for shoulder pads worn by football players to cause acne breakouts where the pads meet the skin.  This happens for several reasons.  The pads compress the skin in that area, which traps sweat and prevents the skin from breathing like it normally would.  This leads to the pores in that area becoming clogged, which results in acne breakouts.  Although it is not a free acne solution, many athletes can reduce acne breakouts by removing pads and other equipment as soon as possible, washing that area (shoulders, etc.) with soap and water, and wiping their pads down with antibacterial soap or wipes.  Although this does not completely cure this type of acne, it can help reduce it. 

Although you can find free acne advice on the internet, not everything you read will be true.  All acne is caused by pores getting clogged and infected by bacteria, so unless an acne cure kills bacteria, unclogs pores, or keeps pores from getting clogged, it is probably a gimmick.  However, getting enough vitamin D from sunlight will help your body fight acne on its own, as will keeping your skin clean.

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