In liposuction surgery, the neck and chin liposuction are the least amount of risk surgery to the patient. Yet don’t take any risk. Some preparations need to be done to make sure your chin liposuction surgery will comes off smoothly and quickly as your fat cells. The first thing to do is to search for cheap chin liposuction cost and the most important is the due date for the payment. When that’s done and you can pay for the surgery so you can focus on the surgery preparation better.

What to do two weeks before the surgery

Two weeks before the surgery date, your appointed cosmetic surgeon should have been ready to communicate with your regular doctor to find out whether chin liposuction is safe for you or not. The schedule for the surgery will be arranged by the cosmetic surgeon when they confirmed the surgery will not risky for you to proceed. However, for precaution purpose, you must list all the prescription medicines you are taken to the cosmetic surgeon to let them know about medication or remedies you are taking.

There are drugs and remedies that cannot be taken two weeks prior to the chin liposuction surgery date. Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know if your medicines fall onto the no-no list. Something that you have to be honest to your cosmetic surgeon is about your smoking habit. Stop smoking two weeks before the liposuction surgery.

During the recovery period, you cannot do your house chores. Make sure the house is organize and clean so that you don’t have to do cleaning when you are in the recovery period. Standby for the instant foods in your cabinets may help you much when you prepare for you meal during the recovery time. You may ask your friends to stay with you druring the recovery time.

The Surgery Day

Some preparation of overnight at the clinic should be done in case your body not strong enough to the anesthetics reaction. It happen because after the liposuction surgery the reaction to anesthetics will be different from each person. You may danger yourself if you drive way back home by yourself. You can arrange for a cab to your house after the surgery is done.

Don’t expect perfection just after the surgery. After the surgery, you will look so much terrible when you look at yourself in the mirror. You will see that the area involved in the liposuction will become sore, cranky, bruised and swollen and there are stiches in your face too. But after some time you will see the different in your look. Most people take two weeks to recover.

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