Acne is a common problem that millions of people throughout the world have suffered from at some time in their lives. Therefore, there are almost as many acne skin care tips from people who have suffered from having this unfortunate and disfiguring problem. The Internet has tons of acne skin care tips available on it, and you can find plenty more in books, magazines and on TV. Even your friends and relatives will gladly offer tips and suggestions for you on how to alleviate and stop the problem of pimples caused by acne.

The difficulty is that some of these acne skin care tips are contradictory, so how can you tell which advice is actually accurate? The truth is that certain acne skin care tips work for some individuals but not for others. Therefore the best way to determine which tips will work for you is to try them out. Nevertheless, there are some acne skin care tips that all people who have the condition should follow.

These days, there are virtually hundreds of varied acne products on the market. Some can be obtained only via prescription, but many can be bought over the counter. Some are quite effective. But the only two topical products that you truly need to battle the acne problem are a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser along with an oil-free moisturizer which won’t clog the pores. Ignore any acne skin care tip which recommends a very costly product and focus instead on keeping the skin hydrated and clean.     

The acne skin care tips advise not to squeeze pimples should be followed. When you squeeze a pimple you then have the chance of a bad scar developing. Do not put your fingers on your face whenever you can. If you do touch your face, be sure your hands are clean.

Some suggest that wearing makeup to cover skin outbreaks is not a good idea because it can clog the skins pores. Although this is true there are some exeptions. You will not make the outbreak worse if you stay with makeup that is comprised of natural minerals.     

Let’s face it, if you eat stuff thats bad for you, your skin is going to look horrible. The most important acne skin care tip is to be careful of what exactly you are eating. If you want your face to look good, be careful of what you eat. Eat lots of antioxidat rich stuff like vegetables and fruits, and consume plenty of water.

There are a number of effective ways to reduce acne breakouts. One is to quit smoking and to refrain from using illegal drugs. Another is to make modifications in your diet by cutting back on foods loaded with sugar and fats in particular.

The information contained in this article is provided for your general information only. This should not be considered as medical advice. Under no circumstances does this article recommend any particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases we recommend that you consult your physician or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.

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