Considered some of the most aggressive bacteria that affects humans, staphylococci can either cause infections or poison the blood with toxin release. Skin staph infections are usually caused by Staphylococcus Aureus, although there are thirty other types of germs in the same family that can affect humans. At the skin level, in the form of acne, the signs of a staph infestation include the appearance of a pus formation, known as abscess or furuncle. Only a dermatologist can prescribe the adequate staph infection cure based on the patient’s individual specificity.

staph infection cure

The common staph infection cure consists in the administration of an antibiotic ointment on the skin lesions. However, this form of over-the-counter medication can be accompanied by the administration of oral pills as well. The skin staph infection has swollen painful areas as the regular symptoms; most of the times the drainage of the abscesses is necessary to reduce the discomfort and speed up the recovery. You should not attempt to drain a furuncle at home as the risk of spreading the infection even further is very high; a professional medical intervention is necessary under the circumstances complementing the incision with antibiotics administration.

staph infection treatment

Depending on the severity of the situation, the staph infection cure could require intravenous administration when the patient’s condition is very severe. The treatment can only be determined on the basis of a laboratory test that reveals the staph strain and determines the type of antibiotics to which it is susceptible. Unfortunately, there are some staph strains that show a high resistance to most antibiotics and these conditions could often become lethal. The reason why the antibiotic fails to work is the recent intense use of antibiotics against another infection. The elderly and people with a low immunity level pose the highest risk.

staph infection natural cure

Even in the case of administrating a valid staph infection cure there is the possibility for the patient to develop a side effect of the infection known as the scalded skin syndrome. Because of the infection with the bacteria, the proteins that cement together the skin layers are drastically reduced. Without these essential chemicals, the burnt-like look of the skin could often become fatal. Antibiotics make the only solution to the condition, in combination with the increase of the liquids intake for the prevention of skin scaling.

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