Acne scars form as a result of a severe acne condition, and they can be incredibly difficult to deal with. No one wants to live with acne scars they can end up causing you immense shame and embarrassment.

 If you are one of the many people out there who is dealing with acne scars, you should know that fortunately, there are effective acne scar treatment options available to you, which is above and beyond your basic acne skin treatment and which is used specifically for acne scars.

 The Best Acne Scar Treatment

 The best acne scar treatment that you can try is to use sandalwood past on the scars. This will help them fade away by adding moisture and protecting the scars from further damage. With the use of ice cubes you can tightening the skin and making it look young.

 There are also various medications available for acne scar treatments that may work for you, but you will have to get a prescription from your doctor before you can get these.

 Also remember that besides using the best acne scar treatments, you also need to make sure that you do not make the scars worse. The use of correct makup is important so it does not block your pores any futher.

 Surgery is really the last resort, if you have tried all other best acne scar treatment options and none of them have offered you the results that you are looking for. Some ice pick scars may be removed by “punch” excision of each individual scar, and in this procedure ach scar is excised down to the layer of subcutaneous fat, with the resulting hole in the skin able to be repaired with sutures or with a small skin graft.

 Skin grafting is another type of procedure that is available and used for acne scarring. This procedure may be necessary under certain conditions for example sometimes dermabrasion unroofs massive and extensive tunnels caused by inflammatory reaction to sebum and bacteria in sebaceous follicles.

 The important thing, regardless of which treatment you decide to try out, is that you know there are some effective options out there and that you can deal with your scarring one way or another. Keep in mind however that if your acne scarring is particularly severe you may not be able to completely remove it.

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