The search for best acne solutions seems to be a never-ending journey for many people who suffer with acne. Even though the causes of acne breakouts are generally the same for all, not every medication or solution will work the same for everyone. However, this is not to say that it is impossible to find what works for you. The key is to take the time to review the various products on the market and compare what each has to offer, along with consultation with a dermatologist in order to understand your own skin type. This article will take a top level look at 3 of the best acne treatments available over the counter. They are: Exposed skin care, Proactiv Acne solution and Murad acne complex.


Exposed Acne Treatment


The manufacturers of the Exposed acne solution used a team of dermatologists, naturopaths and chemist to develop a solution for treating acne. Their claim as one of the best acne solutions promises to leave your skin acne free and to improve your skin tone. Exposed Skin care doesn’t just clear your current breakouts, it also reduces the chance of you having future breakouts. The basic Exposed Skin Care system costs $49.00.95 which includes a free Derm-x cloth, facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne treatment serum and a clear pore serum. It’s probably the smart thing to do your own research on this treatment before you decide on purchasing it.


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Murad Acne Complex


Murad Acne Complex is another acne treatment solution which promises to gently wash away the fiercest acne breakouts with daily use. Murad’s Three Step System includes a clarifying cleanser, exfoliating acne treatment gel and a skin perfecting lotion. The treatment costs $29.00.95. The key ingredient in Acne complex is Salicylic acid, it’s found in many of the top acne solutions. The clinically tested acne treatment gel is reported to reduce acne for 90% of users. Make sure you thoroughly read and understand all of the ingredients used in Murad so that you are not in the 10% who experiences no improvement.


Get more detail on this tretamant in this complete Murad review we’ve found online.


Proactiv Acne Solution


Proactiv is another best acne solutions treatment system on the market, and also has a three step process (cleanser, toner, lotion) that promises to help unclog your pores and attack the bacteria causing acne. More people probably recognize Proactiv then any other acne treatment because of their TV spots, celebrity endorsements and of course their money back guarantee. Practically all acne solution products offer a money back guarantee these days, so it is important to read reviews of Proactiv written by other people who have tried the products.


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