Since there is no one who enjoys dealing with acne related skin problems, most people who suffer from such a skin condition try to use a variety of the many acne treatments that are available in an effort to clear up their skin and remove blemishes.  This is something that everyone wants, since skin conditions caused by acne have serious side effects, one of which is lowered self esteem. 

Whether you have tried acne creams or acne medication in the past and not achieved the results you want, it is important to know that there is a best acne treatment out there for everyone, and what the best acne treatment is for one person may not be the best acne treatment for you. Everyone is different and so everyones acne condition needs to be treated differently.

The Best Acne Treatment: Which One?

Specifically, there are two acne treatment options that are considered to be the best available on the market.  One of these is Proactiv Solution.  This acne treatment uses three different steps to control acne.  The combination that it utilizes of prescription strength medications and skin relaxing lotions does more than simply get rid of current blemishes; it heals any damage already caused by acne and then prevents future acne breakouts. 

The first of the three Proactiv Solution steps is to clean out your faces pores using a special cleanser made with prescription strength benzoyl-peroxide.  This cleanser contains small exfoliating beads which get rid of dead skin cells in order to make your skin fresher.

Then the second step involves the revitalizing toner which removes dead skin cells to help unplug pores, remove excess oil so that your skin is left looking refreshed, and the formula contains soothing botanical agents that will gently balance your skin tone.

The third and final step is a blemish healing repairing lotion which also prevents future acne breakouts by using prescription strength benzoyl that has been milled down to fine pieces.  All three steps of the Proactiv Solution process are fine to use with all skin types and is safe to use on your face.

The other best acne treatment is the acne surgery that is available. This is a procedure that is used to help treat serious acne conditions, and which will not necessarily be able to prevent future acne breakouts but will definitely be effective at treating the acne you have now.

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