Aromatherapy oil is derived from botanical and herbal extracts that is combined with any organic or natural oil that works well in maintaining the scent and aroma of the herb used. Not all oils are suitable for this purpose so one needs to be vigilant when buying oils made for aromatherapy since many may turn rancid or spoil after a long time storing them.

The application of aromatherapy oil differs depending on the preferences of the individual. Home owners can use diffusers or candle burners to infuse the home or an area of it with the preferred scent. Massage oils can also be infused with many herbal extracts to be able to use them for alternative forms of therapy.

A Brief History Of The Use Of Aromatherapy Oil

One can say that the cosmetic uses of aromatherapy oil has been around for centuries. Egyptians use wax cones on their heads to diffuse pleasant aroma and scents to help mask otherwise appalling body odor and other stronger smells that may develop in an otherwise hot climate. These early users of aromatherapy oil used botanicals and other herbs to sustain the length of effectiveness of the scent or aroma.

It wasn’t until the early 1920’s, though, that the word aromatherapy was coined due to an accident at a laboratory. A certain chemist, by the name of Gattefosse, dabbling in a perfumery accidentally set his arm on fire. He instinctively plunged his arm in what was the closest container filled with lavender oil. Gattefosse was surprised to see that not only did the pain of the fire on his arm lessen but he also healed pretty quickly and without a scar. This incident prompted the good chemist's research into the medicinal uses of aromatherapy oils.

Benefits Of Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy essential oils have many uses and benefits. Depending on what herb or botanical extract is infused into the oil base, there can be any number of effects for people. Aromatherapy oil is credited to be highly effective in promoting relaxation and calm in an individual exposed to either lavender or chamomile aromatherapy oil. Other citrus based scents are said to be able to energize or invigorate individuals as well.

Other aromatherapy oils are also used to treat wounds and other skin conditions when applied directly. It is not only through our sense of smell that we can reap the benefits of aromatherapy oil. Direct applications of some essential oils and extracts of specific herbs and botanicals can actually help to cleanse and protect wounds and other skin blemishes.

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