Natural Acne Treatments – Just Because it’s Natural Doesn’t Mean it Won’t Work

For many the first thing they think when they hear natural acne treatment is a home remedy to their skin condition.Today how ever, natural doesn’t automatically mean home remedy.The big beauty and skin care companies have realized that people don’t want to rub these harsh substances on their skin any more, even if it does mean clearing a breakout.

So the question is what are our alternatives?Natural treatments for acne that use herbal supplements and all natural ingredients to combat acne bacteria on the skin and battle the cause of acne from the inside out.

Natural Acne Supplements

There are more and more natural treatment products that look more like vitamins then acne treatments.These acne supplements work on the basis that an imbalance in our body chemistry causes an over production of oil which ends up on our skin.

So if we can improve this imbalance internally then our bodies can naturally start to heal our acne.The top products to consider as ingestible acne treatments are Vilantae and Acnezine. Alot of people have had results with Acnezine, you can check out a detailed review of Acnezine here.

External Natural Acne Treatments

Beyond using an ingestible there are a variety of external products that are applied directly to the skin and will fight acne on the surface. Before deciding which product to try I suggest you read several acne treatment reviews and familiarize yourself with the ingredients first.

Try to find acne treatments that don’t use Benzoyl peroxide as the key ingredient, opt for something using Tea Tree oil if possible.

Don’t Be in a Rush

Skin cleansers and supplements need time to work, so after you decide on a product to try be sure you’re committed to giving it time to do it’s job.Acne isn’t a condition that just disappears after one night of treatment. It can take weeks, and sometimes even months to completely clear cystic acne.

A good rule to go by is to give any acne treatment you try at least two months to prove itself, if it’s not working after that then you can switch to something else.

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