Generally if you are serious about finding a lasting solution to your health related problems then it is most likely that you would avoid the use of conventional medications. While treating skin diseases like acne it is always preferrable to go for natural treatments as they are believed to be free from harmful effects. Other reasons why people avoid conventional medications are that they are not free from the risks of suffering from side effects.


Chinese Thinking


Traditional Chinese herbs are a result of the Chinese way of thinking in which it is believed that there is a pressing need to possess both sound mind and soul and of course, a sound body as well. Having already given the world acupuncture, Chinese people are in a good position to provide further relief to the world through their wonderful traditional Chinese herbs.


Acne Treating Herbs


In fact, studies have shown that traditional Chinese herbs can effectively cure acne and among the more useful herbs that you need to check out as far as treating acne are Neem, honeysuckle, chaste tree berry and yellow dock.





With regard to different traditional Chinese herbs, Neem is one of the better such herbs that are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties which are definitely going to help people that happen to be suffering from acne, which is characterized by inflammation.



Chaste Tree Berry

Another useful traditional Chinese herb is the Chaste tree berry, which has the particular property of being able to stimulate pituitary glands that produce oil.





Honeysuckle is another one of the better traditional Chinese herbs, which has the ability to detoxify the body and this it does through making a person perspire.


Burdock Root Seed


One herb that requires special mention is Burdock root seed, which has the ability to cleanse out the blood and it is also able to detoxify the body and provides anti-inflammatory benefits as well.


The list of traditional Chinese herbs can go on and on. Among other traditional Chinese herbs that need to be mentioned are

·        dandelion root

·        chamomile

·        sarsaparilla

·        milk thistle

These herbs will certainly prove to be the right option when you need to treat an acne problem and are worth checking out.


The differences between the herbs and species may be subtle, nevertheless it is necessary that you are able to differentiate between them. It is absolutely essential that you know what chinese herbs you are going to use and what what benefits you would derive as a result of using them.

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