A black bump on the skin is generally called as blackheads. It is medically called as open comedo. It is sometimes yellowish in color. The main reason for blackheads is because of oils which have accumulated in the skin. It is one type of acne and as it becomes old these blackheads become thick and darken.

Your face is one part which is affected by blackheads. When the skin´s natural oil hardens the pore of the skin blackheads are formed. Sebum is called skin´s natural oil. People with oily skin and sensitive skin are prone to have blackheads.

There are various treatments for blackheads. It is advised to cleanse the face properly with a good cleanser which suits oily skin.

Applying an astringent reduces oil formation. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin an astringent should be used. It is suggested to add rose water to it.

Applying a cream or gel which contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and resorcinol is a good remedy. There are some cases where benzoyl peroxide will leave the skin dry. In that case you can use oil free moisturizer. Proper sunlight, stress free life, eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water and juices, exercising regularly are some other methods to follow to prevent from blackheads.

Herbal tea can be used to treat blackheads. It is always advised to use natural herbal products. Using mild soaps and prescribed cleanser are really important to keep your skin clean. It is better to avoid oil-based creams. You should use natural face scrub to remove dead skin.

Using warm water to face your face will open skin pores. Do not use hard soaps or hot water to wash your face. It is better to wash in warm or cool water. Keeping your pillow and towel clean is really necessary.

Fuller´s earth mixed with rose water is considered to be the best home remedy for blackheads. A paste made of radish and water has to be applied over blackheads and leave it till it gets dried.

These are safe home remedies for blackheads. Green tea face scrub can also be used for removing blackheads. A paste made of Lime juice mixed with drumstick leaves can also be used to remove blackheads. Do not remove blackhead forcefully. It will leave a mark on your skin.

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