If you are plagued by acne breakouts and you wish not to resort to chemical-laden topical medications or prescription drugs, you might consider a natural acne cure for clearer skin. Natural refers to the fact that there are no chemicals, additives or anything else not naturally found by man.

Dietary Changes

While most experts say that your diet does not play into your breakouts, many people who adopt healthy diets say otherwise. Taking away processed foods, those with chemical additives, fried or greasy foods, alcohol and greatly reducing the intake of sugar are positive dietary moves that are considered a natural acne cure. Visiting with a nutritionist to help you eliminate the processed foods and refined carbohydrates, while identifying healthier choices is worth the investment.

Green Tea

Green tea has become a popular homemade acne treatments because of its high levels of polyphenols and power antioxidants. In addition, green tea is known for its anti-bacterial properties which reduce redness and swelling as well as subdue the growth of acne-causing bacteria. The leveling of certain hormonal activity which can increase oil production in the skin is also a by-product of this natural acne cure.

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamins have great potential to be a natural acne cure and supplements are often needed to make up for a lack of something in your body. Studies have shown that a dearth of vitamin B5 aka pantothenic acid can cause acne as well as the creation of co-enzyme A. Vitamin B5 helps reduce the oil production within the skin and the co-enzyme A aids in the metabolization of this oil. When these two components are lacking, acne is the result, unless of course you can supplement with a vitamin B5 natural acne cure.

Tea Tree Oil

Found in the leaves of an Australian tree, tea tree oil is a great natural acne cure because of its powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil has been used for quite a variety of skin afflictions from cold sores to athlete’s foot to dandruff to of course, acne. The bacteria on the skin is killed when tea tree oil is applied but it is important to test a small patch of skin before mass application as it can be irritating and do more harm than good. Or, you can mix a small amount of undiluted tea tree oil with aloe vera gel before applying.

There are many other possibilities when it comes to a natural acne cure and for that reason, you should experiment with each. Give your natural acne cure treatment a chance to work before abandoning it to try something else. Also natural acne treatment may not be strong enough for severe types of acne


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