Acne problems come from oil and oil clogging the pores. Acne problems are not just the jurisdiction of teenagers. A surprising number of adults develop acne at some point in their lives – up to 25% of men and 50% of women.

Diet, hormonal imbalance, or nervous system disorders can cause a person to be acne-prone. Premenstrual acne beginnings a couple of daylights ahead each period, when progesterone endocrines are highest. Diet is also one of the causes for acne problems in adults. The nutrients connected with acne are those that acquire sour in the abdomen. Diet is usually NOT the cause of acne. However, specific instances of patients flaring with increased consumption of seafood, iodized salt, or other foods have been reported.

Treatment of the most resistant cases of acne includes the use of isotretinoin (Accutane), a drug that decreases sebaceous secretions. Isotretinoin is a well-established teratogen (i.e., it causes birth defects) and is not given to women who are pregnant. Treatment from a dermatologist can help reduce the severity of lesions and scarring, however this condition is often resistant to adult acne home treatment and can remain for several years.

Hormonal problems can also cause acne related problems in adults too though, that’s why acne prevention is so important now a days. General hormone imbalances is often the problem, and this can be caused by a variety of lifestyle or environmental factors, as well as certain medications too. Hormonal alterations are the more common campaign of acne breaks away in teens. The body during puberty begins to produce hormones called androgens.

Teenagers usually have relatively large amounts of androgen present in their bodies. This is why acne is often mistakenly thought of as only a “teenage condition”. Teenagers should avoid oily and dairy foods while suffering from acne. Proper use of local medicaments, beneficial dietetic uses and asserting a beneficial personal hygienics will assist adolescents to relieve themselves from acne problems . Teenagers and adults alike who suffer from acne detest its presence. A case of acne can be mild or severe, which is called acne vulgaris , and can cause disfiguration and severe scarring.

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