Cure Sinus Headaches

Another way of curing allergy symptoms is the use of decongestants that helps decrease nasal congestion through the narrowing of the blood vessel and by lessening blood flow into the nasal passage. This method of allergy relief must not be used if a person has known allergies to decongestant and this may cause infuriating side effects among people who posses the following conditions:

* Narrow-angle glaucoma
* Coronary artery disease (refers to the hardening of the arteries)
* Poorly managed high blood pressure

The use of decongestant is to provide temporary relief only hence it should not be used for more than 5 days.  That’s one reasons why it is not one of the best treatments for seasonal allergies.  Prolonged use can worsen congestion so you better take responsibility towards your actions. This should also be used with caution when you are also taking herbal drug preparations that are also known to increase blood pressure. Illicit drugs like cocaine must be avoided as well since this is known to also increase blood pressure.  To avoid side effects you should look for the best natural treatment for allergies and find natural remedies as an alternative to prescription drugs.

Prolonged prescription drug use can cause nasal passage problems and it could make symptoms worse. Furthermore, seek medical advice before use any decongestant for you to understand the right dose that your body can take.

Are decongestants the best nasal allergy treatments?

No, decongestants only provide short term relief and you should seek a longer term solution.Look into allergy cures like The Sinus Infection Cure and Allergy Free For Life. 

Keep in mind that medicine dosage is subjective hence you cannot just follow the dosage given to your neighbor who was treated with allergies. You need to know the correct dosage for you to not aggravate your allergy situation and for you to have long term allergy relief.

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