Acne vulgaris is the full name of a condition that is more than just common and widespread. Acne is a disease of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands that is manifest with or without tissue inflammation. In fact the common name of pimples or zits applies to acne lesions, and they trouble the majority of teenagers as well as a very large number of adults in their mature years. Most of the time, body intoxication, unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalances represent among the main causes of the skin disease.

The body parts most affected by acne are the face, the neck, the upper back and the shoulders, but in more severe forms, people get acne on other parts of the body too, like on the head for instance. Depending on the severity of the condition and the various symptoms that accompany the comedones as the typical acne lesions, several types of acne can be identified. The severest form is cystic acne that is both painful and pretty difficult to treat: besides the external pimples, there are cysts present deep into the skin.

As for the treatment of acne, there is a multitude of options for all the degrees of disease severity but they all need to be used wisely and usually following the doctor’s orders. The complex thing about such a skin problem is that there is a very serious and worth considering issue related to acne: its psychological impact on the sufferer who is often marked by scars permanently. If pimples were a horrible thing to look at every day, then scars are an awful daily reminder that things are not over.

Presently, lots of attempts are being made in the direction of keeping people informed on the options they have for acne treatment. Even when you are not able to identify the causes that trigger the condition, the symptomatic treatment could be of great help when supported by a dietary plan and a healthy life style. Alcohol, smoking, fat or sweet foods will create digestive toxic imbalances that often influence the skin condition in a negative direction.

Sometimes you don’t need a specialist to tell you all these since most of the things you can do are common sense. Nevertheless it is important to stay realistic and to avoid trusting all the false myths that have been created around acne. Before using one remedy or another, check its safety and efficiency in other treatment cases. Go therapeutic because that will work best for your health!

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