Many gimmicks to get rid of acne are available on the market today, but the Zeno acne-clearing device seems to be more than just another fad. This hand-held device claims to help successfully clear skin within 24 hours by “outsmarting” pimples, and many people report that Zeno has given them fantastic results in only a few treatments.

How Zeno Acne Clearing Device Works

The Zeno acne clearing device is a hand-held, battery-powered acne treatment unit you can use at home for clear skin.  Tyrell Inc., the makers of Zeno, claim that it is “clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast,” and “the most scientifically advanced and effective acne device available without a prescription.” 

The Zeno acne system of acne removal is simple, as it delivers a heat shock to the root of the pimple. This “heat shock response” directly affects the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. In a matter of minutes, bacteria is destroyed, and the pimple begins the healing process.

A Zeno acne treatment is administered through a disposable tip on the Zeno unit.  The Zeno unit has a sensor that adjusts the level of heat based on your individual skin and circulation conditions, which are different depending on the type of pimple and where it is located.  The Zeno unit also varies the treatment time based on these conditions as well.  Because the technology used in Zeno is so sophisticated, Tyrell Inc. claims that most pimples will disappear within 24 hours or less with one to three treatments. Also since the Zeno unit adjusts to your skin and the specific pimple, the only possible side effect is slight redness in the treated area lasting for a few minutes. 


The Zeno acne clearing device is surprisingly affordable considering the technology used.There are more than one type of package available, that begin at $150.  This package includes the Zeno acne clearing device, 60 treatment tips, and a wall charger.  The other packages, which peak at $200, add up to 150 tips and a leather case with a mirror for easy use when traveling or away from home.  The price of replacement tips is also very reasonable.  You can purchase 60 replacement tips for $25 or 150 for $55.  

Does It Work For Everyone?

Tyrell Inc. advertises the Zeno acne treatment device to be effective for people with mild to moderate inflammatory acne, which means they do not claim it to be effective for treating cystic nodules.  However, many people with severe acne are likely to have pimples characteristic of mild to moderate acne in addition to cystic nodules. 

The Zeno acne system is by no means a miracle treatment for clear skin. It might work well for one person and do absolutely nothing for the next. For this reason, Tyrell Inc. offers a money-back guarantee, should an individual find he or she is not getting the desired results.  Zeno might work best if used in addition to another type of treatment and, of course, if you have a proper skin care routine.

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